We're with the band...

Gilded Pick LLC is looking to collaborate with bands and artists on exclusive guitar pick advertising opportunities.

We know how hard it is to get your name out there and how expensive it can be, so we want to help at no cost to you.

Our company's target audience is women who love music and want to support their favorite artists by buying products with their names on them (there's no better fan than a fan girl). For example, with the exclusive rights to do so, we take the band or artist name and print them on custom guitar picks to offer your fans a pair of handmade, guitar pick earrings with your name or band name on them. We would then sell those picks online through our website or social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc while tagging you in each post that features your band picks. We are hoping to be able to offer them at shows as well (this is in the works and we can definitely talk about this option to figure something out). If your band already has guitar picks made, we would love to purchase them exclusively from you for this same purpose.

This is an excellent way for bands and artists to get their name out there without having to pay up front for production costs, merch, inventory management, and/or advertising—we'll handle it all while helping you get your name out there.

We're excited about this opportunity because we know it will give fans something unique and special they can get only from Gilded Pick. And we hope those fans will be excited too!

Contact us using the form below and let's get something started for you!